Quite Possibly the Best Invention Ever June 23, 2015 21:55

Our dress and shirt extenders are hands-down our very best sellers! We carry several styles, and they have been nearly impossible to keep in stock!

For anyone unfamiliar with these amazing, wardrobe-changing pieces, allow us to explain! A dress extender is a garment that you wear under your dresses, tops, and tunics kind of like a slip. The main difference is that an extender is meant to show! They feature trim along the bottom that extends past the hem of your dress, skirt, etc. in order to give you more length and coverage! Most dress and shirt extenders have lace or crochet along the bottom, but we have also had popular styles that have gauzy ruffles or sassy mesh along the hem.

It's the same concept for the shirt extenders. They are like a tank top and have lace along the hem. These can make a top dressier and/or give it extra length.

The dress extenders are life-savers for moms like me, who love dresses but who don't want to chance an "indecent exposure" when we are bending over to secure our little ones into their car seats or pick up that dropped toy for the 30th time in an hour!

They have also been a huge hit with recent college graduates! The reason is that they can help them transition their "college wardrobe" into a more professional business casual wardrobe without having to buy all new pieces. If they have dresses that they don't want to replace yet, but they are a tad too short for the workplace, just add an extender and voila!

Our most popular extender, The Kate, is coming back in stock this week! This one is available in small-3x for just $30! Check it out, along with our other styles here: